On April 29, by extreme coincidence, the guys met in the Bunker to record their 29th episode of the Armageddon Afterparty.  They talk about what is rapidly becoming one of Athens' most popular annual events, the Twilight Criterium.  Rett and Jon recap their recent outing to see some local comics at Casual Comedy at Hendershot's Coffee Shop.  Rett emphasizes the importance of tipping your food delivery guy well.  Then the guys have a truly stirring discussion about both gun control and marijuana legalization.  TJ recalls an incident of pointless childhood vandalism.  They talk about Donald Sterling (billionaire racist), John McBain (emotional Judge), and Bane (awesome super-villain).  Also, Jon realizes as he is posting the podcast they he apparently does not know how to spell the word "villain."  Thanks for the help with that, Internet.