For this very special episode, the guys gather in The Bunker once again to talk some Georgia football, Cats vs. Cucumbers, and some moron in Mississippi who attempted to bomb a Wal-Mart over the Confederate Flag.  They also discuss the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.  TJ goes on quite the tear, and expresses his hatred of the following: violent people, Cross Fitters, Ravers, the guy at darts that smelled like a dead animal, people on Facebook, the Paleo diet, organized religion, Jon's hair, P90X, drunk drivers, cough syrup, Axe Body Spray, and the Confederate Flag.  And what does TJ like? Pablo Fucking Escobar.  Seriously.  The guys also talk about the Ronda Rousey fight, some awesome television shows, and Star Wars.

On a serious note, our hearts do go out to all of those affected by the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and around the world.  We implore everyone to not give in to the fear that these people want to inspire with their absolutely heinous actions.  Stay strong.  Love your neighbor.  Don't be a shithead.  Live your life.