Well, Survivors...it looks like we made it.  The 69th episode of The Armageddon Afterparty is now finally upon you.  The guys pay tribute to two legends who recently passed: Lemmy Kilmister and General Norman Schwarzkopf.  Rett talks about Christmas and the X-Files, and Jon talks about Detective Joe Kenda.  A combination of Rett's old photographs and Jon recounting a show on Nat Geo cause the guys to get nostalgic about their childhoods.  TJ wonders how his dad would respond to him being gay.  There is talk about New Year's resolutions and Rett's new Fitbit.  And  (SPOILER ALERT at the 51 minute mark) the guys talk about the new Star Wars movie.

ALSO - Head or Cocktails is happening tonight, 12/30/15, at 8 pm at The Nowhere Bar in beautiful downtown Athens, Georgia.