The guys' good friend and occasional lover Ken finally makes his triumphant return to The Bunker for this very special episode.  Ken and Rett sing the praises of Bird Dog Bourbon, then Rett attempts to do simple math.  Jon comes around on President Obama due primarily to an incredible handshake.  The guys spend some time talking about politics, marijuana, and Elon Musk.  They then fail spectacularly in an attempt to explain alternating versus direct current.  Ken speaks on the joys of fatherhood.  Rett brings up the situation in Baltimore, which of course leads to talk of the multiverse.  They tell burn stories and wonder if Ken can truly hypnotize people.  Jon discloses a recently discovered note that drunk Jon had left on his phone the prior evening - simply the word "moosehammer."  Prepare yourselves, survivors.  This one gets pretty weird.