For this very special landmark episode, the guys welcome two old friends back to the Bunker: their most popular guest, Henry Mitchell III, and Sports Survival Analyst Todd.  Of course, there is talk of Trump.  Rett talks about science, white privilege, and burns.  Todd talks sports.  The guys offer their predictions for the Super Bowl, and they debate the best halftime shows.  TJ offers his keys to great football.  There is talk of movies and soundtracks, and the guys remember the music and movie clubs of their childhood.  Discussion of race relations and gender relations reveal the fact that Rett is not only racist, but pretty sexist as well.  The guys talk about upcoming Beastmode shows, and they discuss filming a follow up documentary: Return of the Lost Children of Rockdale County.  Henry tells of his plans for celebrating Black History Month, and in a beautiful and honest moment, Todd thanks him for his service.

This episode was show-title heavy, so here is a list for your enjoyment:  Bring the Whiskey.  Oh Henry and His Poisonous Nuts.  Make Capital Hill a Real Thing.  Fuck You Voice of Reason.  One Hundred Show Titles.  Rocky IV All the Time.  My Hand Can't Keep Up.  and The Ongoing Problems of White American Males.