First of all, full disclosure, Jon is sick for this one, which of course means that he is switching from beer to rye whiskey. The guys discuss Trump parody porn, Mad Men, and most importantly, Jon's new phone.  They talk about Instagram's policy on dookie pictures as well as several recent comedy specials.  Rett goes to bat for  minorities...again. Talk of Uber ratings and etiquette somehow transitions into examples of orgasm noises.  There are some fond memories of Robo-tripping, and Rett recounts his recent annual river trip.  Rett also almost got shot at work recently.  There is talk of 80's movies, FX's Legion, a circle-back to 80's movies, and a debate on the best male nude fight scenes in cinema.  And finally, they circle back to Instagram's dookie policy.  Seriously, if someone could let us know what that is, it would be great..