Because episode 104 took so long to release (it was Rett's fault), we decided to go ahead and put out a second episode this weekend.  BREAKING NEWS - I-85 is on fire, or at least was at the time of this recording.  So, the guys open up discussing the dynamics of extinguishing a fire with homeless urine.  Also in breaking news, Ga expands its law on CBD oil, which leads to another discussion of drug legalization.  There is talk of Jonathan Brandis's suicide note, defecating outdoors, and our need for bidets.  TJ has been watching birthing videos.  They talk about the NC Bathroom bill and child molesters in general.  The guys pay their respect to The Shithouse Poet and Buttman, talk about the March to the Sea, and discuss the marvelous wonders of Cracker Barrel.  They answer your letters, talk about Georgia executions, and discuss Scientology numbers and the "How My Dad Was Brainwashed..." movie.  But honestly, Rett was too drunk at that point, so the conversation quickly diverts to titties and grizzly bears.  Rett starts whispering, and the podcast comes full circle with one word....Sizzler.