The guys come out the gate hot and immediately and briefly revisit the Johnathan Brandis suicide note.  Jon shits fries, Don Rickles dies, and US missiles fly.  Rett pulls a real bonehead move and runs out of gas.  Jon tells the story of losing his virginity and dealing with the Jesus-guilt that came shortly after he did.  There is discussion of the Michael Madsen sex tape, avocados, and racisim.  Jon talks about the recent Doug Stanhope show at the Theatre, and TJ talks about the fire in his basement.  They discuss they I-85 bridge fire, their favorite Price is Right games, and the comedy of Whoopi Goldberg.  There is talk of other podcasts, the Human Rut, and when it is okay to call your significant other a bitch.  TJ gives his opinion on ice-water.  Jon misuses the word literal.  Rett reveals his obsession with the Christian Slater vehicle, Kuffs.  And, finally, the guys kick off the Search for Buttman.